Friday, November 23, 2012


sturdy, weathered
my god box is all that

vintage craftsmanship
mechanics drawers

-The Muse

Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Messiah-ic Year

 3 x 3 = 9
33 / 3 = 11

The voyage begins 8/8/12

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sekou Came Through!

Once again God "one up'd" me! I was searching for my connection to one SekouWrites and happened upon Sekou the writers. Earlier this year, I meet a fellow mom from my daughter's daycare, Xiomara Shepard. My daughter has an instant connection to her and I soon find out that she is pregnant. Well it turns out that she is also on a journey to become a writer. Well fate would have it that in early November she delivers a beautiful little boy and guess what his name is: Sekou!

His birth led me to pay her a visit and, upon walking into her historic Harlem home I instantly know that that card led me there. We spoke about how she feels that a major part of her has been lost for the past four years and it just so happens to be four years ago that I received the card. Without knowing, we had been on a parallel journey to uncover our purpose and Sekou came through to help us take our rightful place as Harlem writers. Turns out that her father's name was Sekou and her mom put me up on the famed Harlem writer Sekou Sundiata. A google search reveals that Sundiata passed away in 2007, the year that I received the card and began my journey.

Harlem could not be speaking any louder and we are truly grateful.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

114th and Amsterdam!

St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital
Professor Derrick Bell
Harlem is grateful to be the home of your homecoming.

8 blocks away
Manifesting those same 80
The Muse is grateful to be a recipient of your life living.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Harlem Writes

When something stands out to me, I make a special point not to ignore it. In 2007 my husband was commissioned by Hennessy to paint an artistic interpretation of their tagline "Flaunt Your Taste." An exhibition was held in this beautiful loft in SoHo where i met a guy named Sekou. I do not remember our conversation, but that event solidified for me that I no longer wanted to be a lawyer. I decided that I was meant to be in the creative world where I felt much more comfortable.

Anyway, I got Sekou's card that night and it read "SekouWrites" in an interesting font and over the next four years his card would periodically pop up out of nowhere. At the time, I was living in Washington, DC. In 2009 I quit my law firm job and started my own creative arts agency and, in 2011 I move to Harlem where I am currently writing my first book.

Well, 'Lem would have it that I was reading through the last issue of Uptown Magazine and I see his byline. Duly noted. Fast forward less than a month and, lo and behold, SekouWrites pops up again. This time supporting me as I finally enter the Twitterverse by including me on his #FF list for the day! We are yet to connect, but I suspect when we do it will be purposeful. The spirits of the writers of the Harlem Renaissance have definitely spoken...stay tuned.

-The Muse